Tiirin Golf Park is a new resort center designed for all-the-year-round use.
Tiirinniemi is situated close to Tahkovuori resort, in 15 minutes of driving from an aquapark Tahko Spa.
Tiirinniemi is surrounded by the cleanest lake Syväri, which offers holiday-makers different entertainments at any season, for example: fishing, swimming, driving on snowmobile, an opportunity to go boating or skating.

Tiirinniemi Country Club and Golf Park is a resort center which offers the clients the best of cleanest Finnish nature, combined with various activities, offered both in the territory of the center, and on nearby resort Tahkovuori, for example rest in a Spa-center or downhill skiing.

There are already elite cottages under construction in Tiirinniemi, both for ownership and renting. There are still enough building sites in the territory and if to hurry, it is possible to choose a building site you like. About hundred sites are located spaciously enough in the extensive territory of about eighty hectares, and from each site opens a fine view either of the lake or, from the sites located in the center, of the beautiful park and the golf course.
Each site has the right to use waterfront and an opportunity to hold a boat on specially equipped parking. Every holiday-maker can freely use a beach. Construction of cottages should be made according to the approved plan, instructions of officials, and also the approved instructions about the way of construction in the territory. By means of it the general elite look of the center of rest is reached.

Activities and hobbies
The planning of the territory started with the main idea according to which everybody is living in the surrounding countryside. But at the same time in such a manner, that, at desire, it is possible to find some activity for every day during the holidays.The nearness of nature, wide open spaces, the park zone and surrounding lakes create a favorable atmosphere for leisure.
At planning territory there was an aim to make a model which will attract people as a unique object. From the very beginning it was not supposed to create the cottage settlement filled only on some weeks during a season. The main idea is that the territory, considering its buildings and surrounding is suitable for all-the-year-round use.

Tiirin Golf is an absolutely new golf course, which offers everybody who is interested in golf an opportunity to play on the new high-level course with nine holes without having a Green Card. It became possible because the course is designed both for game with a usual ball and with Cayman Golf ball.
Cayman Ball is a little bit lighter than a usual ball and consequently is much more safe variant for the beginners. Tiirin Golf tests accuracy and near game skill. Therefore it approaches for players with the experience. The course also gives an opportunity for handicap. The last date of opening of the course is by the end of 2008.

Maintenance of the territory and service
For good maintenance of the territory and qualitative services the special service firm is created. It cares about the maintenance of the course and other territories such as: the yards, the roads, the waterfront, etc.The service firm can conclude a treaty concerning an individual service of a cottage.
The idea is that all the territory is always ideally clean and looking as a park. Service of coming and leaving clients will be organized in the information building /club, for example keyservice and reception.

The prices and maintenance charges
The prices and maintenance charges, concerning possession of a site, plumbing and sanitary , the gameright and service.

For example:
- cost of a site 50 000€, (including plumbing and sanitary 11 000€ + the VAT of 24 %)
- the buyer of a site is obliged in the contract to buy two Tiirin Golf OY B-series shares each at the price of 3 000€, sum total 6 000€
-annual maintenance charges 400 €/year
(the prices are preliminary)

The gameright allows to play freely on Tiirin Golf Oycourse if all above-mentioned payments are made. The B-series share is not personal, but it is written to an object of the real estate, and, for example, if renting out a cottage the visitor living in it receives the gameright. The buyer is also obliged to pay charges for the maintenance of the territory. Except of it the owner should make annually payment for service of the roads in the territory.